Drivers suck.

Some days there is nothing better than going out on the road for a leisurely drive.  Maybe you enjoy driving during a thunderstorm, maybe it is all the autumn foliage calling out to you, or perhaps you just like to explore.  Heck, maybe you just like to pick a scenic route to the supermarket.  Regardless, it is tough to dispute that sometimes it is nice to just get out and get on the road.

Except for the other drivers.

To be perfectly honest, the title of this post should be “WTF Can’t Anyone Drive Anymore?”, but I chose the more safe-for-work alternative.  Realistically though it is a very valid observation/question to make about the state of the roads today.  I’ll give you a prime list of examples from the last month.  And to make it even better, in each instance my 2.5 year old was in the car, so if these people were observant at all they would realize they’re endangering both themselves as well as me and my kid.

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Alternatives to Current Rush Limbaugh Sponsors

Considering the horrible antics of right-wing nutjob/racist/hatemonger Rush Limbaugh, it only seems fair to hurt him in a way he understands – through money.  While there are a lot of hateful people who support a fool like Rush, when it comes down to it sponsorships keep him on the air, and if those sponsorships go away (Hello, Glenn Beck!) the show goes away.

There is a list of sponsors available from the Left Leaning Liberal Lady blog, but a common problem most people face with this type of boycott is what alternatives they have to the companies they are going to stop using.

This is where folks like me come in. 🙂

Below is a list of companies that currently advertise with the companies who put this racist fool on the air… along with some of their competitors who you could switch to using to send a stronger message.  I’m not saying these companies are even particularly aware that their advertising is being used to sponsor a hatemonger, but if enough people switch the message will be heard.

Without further delay…

ProFlowers – Try 1-800-Flowers, they are a fantastic company I have been using for years without a single issue.

Sleep Train – Give Sleepy’s a try.  While their delivery services could be better, I’ve had great experiences with their customer service, going so far as to replace a mattress which the manufacturer stated was “within the bounds of warranty” but had obvious defects.  Not their fault but they still came through.

eHarmony – Try  Can’t speak for their services personally, but I have a fair number of friends who have found successful and lasting relationships courtesy of their site.

Carbonite – Give Mozy a shot.  They offer great pricing and have been repeatedly recognized for just how good their services are.

Oreck Vacuum Cleaners – Go Dyson.  Superior product, and while it may cost a bit more, they stand behind their hardware.

AutoZone – Support a local shop.  They need the help and will generally have better mechanics with more years of service under their belts than anyone you find in an auto chain.

Citrix – Give Webex a shot.  They have a better network for delivering services and competitive pricing.

Fight stupidity by any means necessary.


Why Democracy Fails in America

For anyone who has been paying attention to the Occupy movement, or more specifically to some of the responses to it, one thing is for certain – the government along with our militarized police force definitely do not appear to be on the side of the people.  Why is this?

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Modern Protest

Normally I don’t speak politically in the public forum, but things are different now.

With regards to OccupyWallStreet, as an American I am ashamed that our country has gone this far.  As a father I fear for how much worse America will become for my daughter and how corporate dominance of the government and the seeming abandonment of the people is now the norm.  As a human being I am outraged that anyone can defend the corporations that cut wages on the poorest, raise wages on those making more in a year than I will in my lifetime, and move labor to countries where they can charge a pittance and place people into absurd human rights conditions to save even more – then get tax credits here.

I go to work, I own a home, I pay my taxes, but I disagree with the system.  The American system, as we know it, is beyond broken.  We need change, sweeping change, remove the entire executive, legislative, and judicial (partisan supreme court justices means the supreme court is, in fact, broken) branches and start anew style change.  Obama had good ideas, but a broken government has worked to stop him at every turn, funded by corporations who are pulling record profits while the country sinks deeper and deeper with lacking infrastructure, education, and a job market so bleak that I can’t say I still view America as a major world power except for the fact that our military is so large, and while I believe in soldiers who believe in our country, the military industrial complex is just as bad as Wall Street (making wars for profit is a crime against humanity, previous president and vice president who should be in prison today).

People have often said, and I know it has been quoted in various forms in various places, that if you don’t like this country you can leave.  I like America, or rather the one my parents grew up in, where wages were fair, education was affordable, inflation didn’t keep home ownership out of the hands of so many, and corporate greed had not yet seeped through every level of government.  Give me that America and I’ll be proud to be an American again.

As We Enter

This is going to be something slightly new for me, since most projects that I start are laser focused on one topic or another. Instead, this will cover anything that comes to mind… Somewhat of a retrospective on things which take place that really do deserve some form of commentary.

So what might be covered? Those fun topics most people shy away from, like politics and religion, more modern things like current events and noteworthy happenings (history is made every day, you just have to notice it), and anything/everything I happen across in the world of technology. So you can see a game review right after a comment on a political debate, before I rant about some programming issue that I encountered. Fun, right?

If you are interested, read on. Comments are always on, so if you have something to say let me know. The only things I will ever block or delete are ignorance, hatred, and spam. If you cannot say something intelligently and/or without some legitimate reason to back it up, it probably wasn’t worth saying.

Until next time.